miniature painting service

Professional Miniature Painting Service

GMP Miniatures offers a professional miniature painting service to help you create your perfect miniature wargaming army, without the hard work! We specialise in miniature wargaming and provide a range of services alongside our well established miniature painting service. We cater for every customer, from the miniature collector, to the war-gaming veteran, by providing you with control and customisation with every project.

Based in the North East of England, we cater for customers worldwide and have immediate access to the majority of miniature suppliers. Our miniature painting service consists of three quality standards; Tabletop, Tournament, and Display. Each standard differs in price and quality, allowing us to cater for every customer’s requirements. We also offer an ultimate service, which includes; all of the miniatures for your army, assembly, painting, basing, and high definition images of the finished project. This service allows you to relax and monitor the progress of your army with high definition images throughout the entire process of the project. In addition to this, we also offer miniature repair and conversion services. We fix up damaged miniatures, and can produce unique creations to act as a centrepiece for your army.

We have also developed a presence in the YouTube wargaming community with a range of professional painting tutorials and miniature showcases. We aim to not only provide and exceptional miniature painting service, but to develop interest in the hobby and provide interesting articles and tutorials for anyone within it. Many of our projects are showcased on our YouTube channel and in our extensive website gallery. Since establishment in 2012 we have developed our services to focus on high quality workmanship, customer care, and a fast turn-around. We approach every project individually and work to your specification, through artistic collaboration.