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Painting Standard Guide

TableTop Standard – Good quality & fast turn-around at low prices, with a professional finish. Perfect for a casual war-gamer.
Tournament Standard – High detail painting quality with special paint effects. Perfect for a serious war-gamer or collector.
Display Standard – The ultimate standard in painting. Extreme detailing, special paint effects, handcrafted unique basing. Miniatures which tell a story and impress any collector. Perfect for display models or army centrepieces.

The Process

Send us an email with information regarding what kind of project you would like to set up, along with which miniatures you are interested in commissioning, and what services you are interested in. We aim to reply within one working day with information regarding your enquiry and quotes for the miniatures and services you selected.
Once you have chosen a service and the price has been agreed, your project will be set up and initiated after we receive 50% of the projects total payment. You will also be given an estimated date of completion for the project, along with notice of the date work begins on your project. Please read the terms and conditions before initiating any project. (All payments are currently made through Paypal invoices, to provide security and piece of mind during any payment transfer. A Paypal account is required to use the payment transfer service, which takes seconds to set up. All payments can be paid through invoices, which you will receive with plenty of prior notice.)
Your project will now be well underway and you will receive regular high definition, picture updates and information regarding how your project is moving along. We like to keep in constant communication to ensure you are happy with how the service is being carried out, and how the project is progressing along with collaboration on how you would like miniatures to look.
Upon completion of the project we ask for the second payment of 50% of the projects total, after ensuring you are pleased with the outcome. You will receive a range of professionally taken, high definition images of your finished miniatures to inspect. We will then safely package and send your finished miniatures to you via Royal mail recorded delivery, with insurance for the cost of the miniatures. We may also send you a follow up email to ensure you are fully satisfied with the service provided.